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Roscoe Medical Viverity™ TruComfort® Deluxe Double Electric Breast Pump with Manual Pump Option, Silicone Cushion, LCD Display, Closed System Diaphragm, Three Preset Speed Patterns, Eight Levels of Vacuum Strength, BPA-Free

The Viverity™ TruComfort® Deluxe Breast Pump is a hospital-grade pump with portable and lightweight design that makes it ideal for mothers who are always on the go. With three preset expression patterns and eight vacuum suction levels, the TruComfort® Deluxe can be easily customized to match a baby's nursing habits. It can also be turned into a manual pump that mimics your baby’s natural suction. I comes with two collection bottles for expressing both breasts simultaneously. It uses a closed-system diaphragm which prevents milk from coming in contact with the tubing or motor. This lightweight quiet pump weighs less than one pound, yet it is durable and dependable enough for daily pumping. 


Product Info

  • Closed system diaphragm prevents milk back-flow from entering tubing or electric motor.
  • "M" Button feature to record and recall favorite pumping patterns with one touch.
  • Clock with alarm function alerts mother when to begin her next pumping session.
  • LCD Display provides visual status of programs and functions.
  • Flexible power options electric-powered, battery operated (4-AA batteries sold separately) or converted into a manual breast pump.
  • Vacuum reflex/swift expression: 85 to 185 mmHg.
  • Vacuum natural expression 110 to 250 mmHg.



Closed-System Diaphragm 

The closed-system diaphragm ensures hygiene by preventing milk from coming into contact with the tubing or motor. This design also makes the Viverity™  breast pump easy to clean. 


Comfortable Design

While the flange or breast shield is already soft and comfortable, the pump still comes with an optional silicone cushion that provides a gentler feel against your skin. 


Adjustable Vacuum Suction Levels and Expression Patterns 

The Viverity™  breast pump has four preset expression patterns that include two stimulation settings to promote comfort and mimic your baby’s natural nursing and latching behaviors. The pump also has an intelligent feature that “recalls” your favorite pumping pattern (press the “M” button for this feature). 

Meanwhile, the eight vacuum suction levels ensure that you can find the most comfortable suction force enough to express milk without causing you unnecessary discomfort. 


Intelligent Expression Cycle 

When you push the power button, the pump starts with a reflex expression cycle that imitates your baby’s rooting and latching behavior that typically lasts 12-15 seconds. After this period, the breast pump transitions to a swift expression cycle in which it mimics the infant’s fast but shallow swallowing. 

If you don’t want the swift expression cycle, you can press the purple “let-down” button located below the vacuum adjusting wheel. With this cycle, the pump can simulate the strong but steady swallowing of your baby. 


LCD Screen 

The LCD screen features a clock, a timer so you can track how long you have been pumping, and an optional alarm reminding you when to pump. It also displays the status of programs and functions. 


Convertible into a Manual Pump 

With the Viverity™  TruComfort®  Deluxe, you don’t have to buy a separate manual pump as your backup. This hospital-grade electric breast pump can be turned into a portable single manual pump. 


Just like the electric breast pump, the manual version also mimics the baby’s natural suction levels and has adjustable expression patterns. When you attach the handle to the top recess of the valve stem, the manual pump mimics swift expression, while the lower recess allows you to simulate the natural suction. 


You can also adjust the suction level of the manual pump by turning the round knob on top of the valve stem. 


Two Power Sources

The Viverity breast pump is powered by electrical plugin or battery (four AA batteries not included)



All the breast pump parts, from the flanges and milk container to valve and diaphragm, are BPA free. (Note: This compound has been linked to neurological, immunity, and reproductive disorders.)


Milk Container

You can easily transform the milk container into a feeding bottle. Simply remove the breast shield and replace it with a bottle adapter and nipple, or you can cover it with a bottle protector to store the milk for later use.  


Other features: 


  • Quiet motor

  • Weighs 1 lb. 


What’s Included: 


  • Viverity TruComfort Deluxe double breast pump

  • 2 Expression collection kit

  • Double vacuum tube with adapter

  • 12V AC/DC adapter

  • Bottle adapter kit

  • Spare parts

  • User manual 

  • Non-woven bag


Breast pumps are covered at 100% by most health insurance companies. Contact us to get yours covered today! (Exclusions does apply)


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