HiDow XP Micro For Pain Relief and Muscle Performance

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The AcuXP-Micro is a portable pain management device that uses electrical muscle and nerve stimulation (EMS) technology, allowing people to stop or limit their use of oral pain medications.  Get help with recovery time from workouts or general aches and pain. 

  • Pocket size for easy transport
  • 2 adjustable output channels
  • 8 different massage modes
  • 20 Intensity Levels
  • includes 2 large adhesive electrode pads (2.5")
  • includes 2 small adhesive electrode pads (1.75")
  • Chargeable Lithium battery


Benefits of AcuXP-Micro:

  • It is FDA-cleared for muscle pain relief.
  • It features a well-researched technology that has been used by pain and physical therapists, personal trainers, and doctors since the 1960s. 
  • The device provides fast-acting relief for muscle pain. 
  • The portable design means you can use it anywhere you go. 
  • It is ideal for pain in the back, neck, shoulder, and joints.


How Does It Work

This portable pain relief device uses a technology called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or TENS, which releases electrical currents through the skin and the central nervous system. 
The AcuXP-Micro comes with two oval-shaped electrode pads that you can attach to the skin where you need pain relief. The unit sends electrical signals to block your pain receptors, replicating the mechanism of a strong painkiller. 
Aside from pain relief, the portable device can also increase the blood flow, promoting quick recovery from injury.


What Makes It Better than Other Models

Older TENS devices use a singular electrical pulse, which the brain becomes accustomed to over time and so after weeks of use they become less effective in controlling pain. In contrast, AcuXP-Micro has multiple pulse modes and uses them randomly, so the brain does not get used to the pattern, making it a viable long-term pain relief treatment.

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