Power Lift Recliners

What Is a Lift Chair?

A lift chair looks exactly like your standard reclining chair; the main difference is the additional features, including a powerful lifting system that can tilt the base and back of the chair forward with a push of a button on a remote. 

Lift chairs are also commonly called pop-up chairs, three-position recliners, and power lift recliners.


Benefits of Lift Chairs

If you have mobility issues that make it difficult to sit down from a standing position and rise out when seated, lift chairs are perfect for you. 

To help you better understand the lift chairs, we list the benefits of these must-have medical equipment: 

  • Increased independence. Maintaining independence has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression while improving quality of life. 

  • Lower risk of injury. You can avoid fall-related fractures because the chair can help you shift into another position easily and safely. Also, it prevents postural hypotension, which happens when your blood pressure suddenly changes when you stand up abruptly from a seated position. 

  • Reduced muscular aches. Many lift chairs come with massage and heat settings.

  •  Increased relaxation. Lift chairs have different sitting positions that help your lungs to open fully while sleeping and relaxing. 

  • Healthier body. Power lift recliners have been known to reduce edema and pressure sores.


Who Needs a Lift Chair?

People who have difficulty getting in and out of the standard chair--e.g., seniors, patients who have recently had surgery, and individuals with mobility issues due to an illness or accident--can benefit immensely from lift chairs.


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