R-Patriot LX/FE #1 (SN:19AV1649/19AU1623)

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Deluxe Hospital Bed - Full-Electric

  • Robust steel grid deck sleep surface provides superior mattress support and easy to clean surface compared to traditional spring decks 
  • Head and foot sections can be raised or lowered simultaneously or independently with one hand control 
  • Recessed main frame offers maximum pinch point protection between grid deck and frame – reducing the risk of injury 
  • Lightweight design weighs only 126 lbs – lightest bed on the market 
  • Bed setup is so simple that it can save on setup time and requires minimal maintenance keeping your technicians time efficient 
  • Patent pending integrated HI/LO mechanism makes bed height adjustment easy and reduces potential loss of parts such as HI/LO rod when used as rentals 
  • Features dual HI/LO motors to adjust bed height from a low 10" to 20" easy and even allows for trendelenburg and slant positioning 
  • Patent pending rail slots in frame ensure quick and proper rail placement 
  • Single motor unit is designed for easy installation, requires less maintenance and provides the ultimate in quiet, smooth head and foot articulation 
  • Attractive, “home-like” thermo fused bed ends offer a less institutional look and eliminate a bed component that often requires frequent repair and maintenance 
  • Features SilverSolutions- an anti-microbial technology built into the paint that protects against bacteria and odor 
  • During a power failure, the motor can lower both the head and foot section with just a single 9 volt battery 
  • 4" extension kit can be installed on head, foot or both to extend bed length to 84" or 88" 
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Grid Deck offers the following advantages:

  • Much stronger frame 
  • Better mattress support 
  • No spring sag or bottoming out with heavier patients 
  • Easier to clean 
  • No connecting links or springs to lose 

Bed Frame: 5 Years
Electrical Components: 2 Years
All Other Durable Components: 1 Year

Technical Specifications  
Total bed weight assembled: 126 lb
Maximum patient weight 350 lbs EVENLY DISTRIBUTED
  450 lb distributed total weight capacity 
  including patient, mattress, rails and accessories
Overall Bed Size: 84" L x 35" W (80" x 35" sleep surface)
Lift Range: Head – 60, Knee – 30
Bed Height:

Min. 10", Max. 20" (at deck level)