Mobility Accessories

Mobility Aid Accessories

Mobility aids such as wheelchairs and walkers are designed to help people who have difficulty moving around enjoy greater independence, and ultimately, a better quality of life.

Keep in mind that today’s mobility aids are not only meant to move disabled individuals from one place to another; they also allow users to perform some of their daily tasks, such as carrying their snacks, water bottles, etc. For example, if you use a wheelchair or walker, you can install it with accessories such as cup holders, table trays, and baskets. 


Other examples of accessories for walkers and wheelchairs: 

  • Cane strap

  • Wristlet

  • Handbag

  • Travel bag

  • Mobility clutch 

  • Forearm attachment


Benefits of Mobility Aid Accessories 

Mobility aid accessories give people who have problems moving around more independence and comfort because they can do certain tasks with no or very little assistance from others. For instance, they can carry their own water with a cup holder, and snacks and other knick-knacks with a basket or bag. 

By giving disabled individuals more opportunities to be independent, they can experience improved well-being, confidence, and self-reliance. 


Who Can Benefit from Mobility Aid Accessories? 

If you use a wheelchair, walker, or mobility scooter, you may want to consider equipping it with accessories such as a cup holder, foldable basket, tray, and/or cane strap. When choosing your accessories, consider your lifestyle, daily needs, and level of mobility. 

Individuals who can benefit from mobility aid accessories: 

  • Seniors

  • Bariatric patients

  • Individuals recovering from a major surgery

  • Disabled individuals 

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