About Us

The inspiration behind HealthQuest stems from our shared experiences in the pharmacy field and our cherished memories with our grandmothers in Jamaica. Both my husband and I were profoundly influenced by the strong women who played a significant role in our upbringing. These experiences instilled in us a deep sense of compassionate care, security, and belonging. Our grandmothers were remarkably resourceful, making the most out of very little. My Grandma Pearl, for instance, would sell her produce at the local market to support her family. Their resilience and determination inspired us to create HealthQuest, where we strive to offer high-quality medical supplies that enhance stability and independence.

Our extensive experience in the pharmacy field has given us keen insights into the needs of individuals requiring supportive medical devices. We recognize that many people in the community are unsure about which equipment is best suited for their specific needs. At HealthQuest, we pride ourselves on our honesty and commitment to helping you find the most suitable products for your loved ones or yourself. As registered pharmacists, we have the medical expertise to understand both acute and chronic health conditions, ensuring that our recommendations are tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Caring for someone with significant health needs can be overwhelming for families, caregivers, and friends. This is why we are dedicated to providing clear guidance and support, helping to demystify the process of selecting and using medical devices. Our goal is to make life changes more manageable by equipping you with the knowledge and resources you need.

Every day, we strive to deliver a standard of care that addresses the health needs of our community. Let us help you discover ways to improve your quality of life, just as we have for countless others. At HealthQuest, we are here to support you every step of the way.