Back Cushion with Hot / Cold Pack

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• Innovative back cushion comes with reusable Hot/Cold Pack insert for the ultimate support as well as soothing, healing comfort
• Contoured back cushion is made of foam, great for everyday use and can be used without the Hot/Cold Pack
• Hot/Cold Pack can be used in microwave to heat and freezer to cool
• Comes with adjustable strap to secure the cushion to a chair or car seat
• Cover is zipper removable and washable
• Material: Polyester, Color: Black

We love the Back Cushion with Hot/Cold Pack because it takes your back to a new level of soothing and healing. The innovative design has an insert pocket ideally situated to your lower back for cold or hot therapy. Just a point of caution … sitting with a big smile on your face may be contagious.

Size : 14”w x 13”h