A Buyer's Guide to Transport Chairs

A Buyer's Guide to Transport Chairs

Posted by Healthquest on 6th Oct 2022

Transport chairs and wheelchairs may look alike, but the two are different in terms of use and design. Basically, transport chairs feature smaller wheels and provide increased maneuverability but require another person to push the user from behind.

On the other hand, wheelchairs allow users to propel themselves using their arms but have big wheels and are heavier and bigger comnpared to transport chairs.

There are various transport chairs available in the market, and choosing the best for your needs can be overwhelming. In this guide, we'll help you understand what transport chairs are, detail their usual specifications, and identify what you should look for when buying a unit.

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What is a transport chair?

Transport chairs are narrow, lightweight and maneuverable mobility chairs. They have small wheels and are meant to be pushed by a caregiver or companion.

People usually buy transport chairs as an additional mobility device for vacations, hospital visits or trips outside the user's home. Since transport chairs are lightweight and foldable, they can be easily used on public transportation.

While transport chairs are rarely used as a primary means of mobility, they are a worthwhile investment for wheelchair users. They offer flexibility and functionality, especially for patients who travel often.

What's the average width and weight of transport chairs?

You have various options when it comes to transport chair weight and size.

Transport chairs have smaller wheels and fewer add-ons, so they're generally lightweight. For example, you may find a unit that weighs around 19 pounds but can carry a 300-pound person. However, such a model usually has basic features.

If you're looking for added functionality, expect to have a heavier unit. While most transport chairs weigh around 25 pounds, you can find transport chairs that are over 35 pounds.

Regarding size, most transport chairs are typically 21 inches wide, which is narrower than most wheelchairs. This is because transport chairs tend to have smaller wheels that only add a few inches to their overall width.

On the other hand, standard wheelchairs are usually 8 inches wider than their cushion due to their large wheels.

What are the main features of a transport chair?

Aside from having smaller wheels and narrower frames, transport chairs usually have braking systems on their rear wheels, but some units have brakes similar to bicycles.

Handbrakes are typically found on handlebars and are accessible by the person pushing the chair. However, transport chairs with back-wheel brakes can be operated both by the user and their companion.

Additionally, transport chairs are relatively simple to disassemble. They can be taken apart easily to be stored indoors or packed for travel. Some units can be folded and kept on carrying bags, which increase their mobility.

Here are some other features that you can find in transport wheelchairs:

  • Detachable arm and leg rest
  • Storage space within the chair
  • Custom seat cushion size
  • Tight turning radius
  • More affordable compared to standard wheelchairs

How to choose a transport chair?

When shopping for transport chairs, there are other factors to look at beyond price. Keep in mind that the user's comfort is the most important consideration when it comes to mobility devices.

Before committing to a specific model, think about these things as you decide on your purchase:

  • How frequent will I use the transport chair?
  • Where will I keep the transport chair?
  • Who will be the one folding and carrying the transport wheelchair?

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