Therapeutic Lift Recliner

Therapeutic Lift Recliner

Posted by Vanessa Grenyion on 12th Mar 2024

Experience ease and comfort with our Therapeutic lift recliners, perfect for those with limited mobility. Even if you're in top health, a medical recliner is ideal for lounging on your rest day from the office.

At HealthQuest, a trusted medical supply store in Fair Oaks, California, we provide a diverse selection of mobility equipment and safety accessories for seniors and disabled individuals. Rest assured, all our products undergo rigorous quality testing to ensure your satisfaction.

1. Position

It refers to the chair’s range of adjustability for its backrest and footrest. The recommended variant for people with limited mobility is the infinite lift chair. This type has a separate motor for the backrest and footrest, allowing for more positional liberty.

If you have poor blood flow, you can raise the footrest higher than your head to encourage oxygen-depleted blood to return to your heart. The position will also help if you’re suffering from a swollen foot.

A 2-position variant is best for those using the chair to read and watch TV. It can recline to about 45 degrees. Meanwhile, the 3-position model can recline further and are perfect for the elderly who use the chair for napping.

2. Proper sizing

When choosing a medical recliner, you’ll need to determine if it’s the right fit. For instance, a chair that’s too high will leave your legs hanging. It will put pressure on the back of your thighs, hindering blood flow around that area.

A chair that’s too low will cause you to slide forward, putting you in a “banana position.” Backaches and a stiff neck will follow if you stay in that position for too long.

Smaller models usually have a 24- to 25-inch distance from the seat to the top of the chair. Medium models are between 25- to 27-inches. And oversized recliners have 28- to 29 inches.

As for the height, small models have a 19-inch space from the edge of the seat down to the floor. Medium models have 20 inches. And larger models have 21 inches.

3. Spacing

Therapeutic lift recliners typically require more space inside your home compared to ordinary chairs. It's important to install them in areas where they can fully recline the backrest and lift the footrest without obstruction. 

The amount of space needed may vary depending on the specific model. Chairs with greater flexibility will require more room to extend fully from both fronts. Be sure to consider the dimensions and range of motion of your lift recliner when choosing its placement in your home.

4. Upholstery Material

On the surface, it may be seen that the upholstery of a therapeutic lift recliner is purely aesthetics. However, different materials are needed depending on who’s using the chair.

For instance, leather isn't the material for you if you’re someone who has hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. The fabric will trap your body heat and create more discomfort the longer you stay on the chair. An alternative to this is the comfortable Brisa upholstery that is breathable, durable, and antimicrobial. 

Conversely, if you’re someone suffering from incontinence, a High Performance Fabric is best due to its ease of cleaning thanks to its protective coating.

5. Remote Control

A remote control feature is great if you’re someone with limited movement. Before completing the purchase; however, ensure that the remote control is located at the side where you still have free hand movement.

6. Additional Features

Some therapeutic lift recliners also have additional features for added comfort. These features may include:

  • Massage options
  • Heated seats
  • Cup holders
  • Charging ports

7. Warranty

To ensure the quality of the chair, check its warranty coverage. Usually, new therapeutic recliners have warranties for their part, mechanical labor, and electrical labor for at least a year.

There are also options to increase that warranty for two to three years.

It all depends on where you’re buying the recliner from. It could be from a massive established brand or a small medical supply store in Fair Oaks, California.

Where to Buy a Therapeutic  Lift Recliner for Ease and Comfort

A therapeutic recliner is a great item to have in your home. It embodies ease and comfort for those who wish to sit back and relax after a stressful week.

And for invalid individuals, it’s a source of relief and convenience. It gives them the comfort of having some semblance of control in their life, even if it’s a simple press of a button.

If you need medical recliners, mobility devices, and bathroom safety accessories, HealthQuest is here for you. We carry a wide array of medical equipment geared towards improving your quality of life.

If you’re interested in any of our therapeutic lift recliners, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can do so by texting us at 916-238-1700 or by calling us at 844-659-9804.