What are the benefits of power lift chairs?

What are the benefits of power lift chairs?

Posted by Healthquest on 1st Mar 2022

The U.S. is a nation of older adults. The numbers of older adults are likely to increase as the number of young adults in the population shrinks. By 2050, 20% of the U.S. population will be older adults, compared to 12% in 2015. The older adults we serve deserve access to the highest quality products and services to help them maintain their independence.

If you suffer from chronic pain, nerve or muscle loss, or other medical problems, it can be tremendously difficult to get up and down on your own. A power lift chair can help you maintain your independence while saving your body the strain of getting up and down out of a traditional chair.

There are many benefits provided by these chairs that might not be immediately apparent. Here are seven benefits of power lift chairs that will rock your world!

1. It is easier to get off the floor with a power lift chair

Power lift chairs make it easier to get down on the floor. If you need to reach something that is hidden or out of reach, sitting in a chair and lifting your leg up can help you get down to where you need to be.

If there are toys on the floor and your child needs help reaching them, getting down on the floor might not be as easy as it used to be. Sitting in a power lift chair will help you avoid straining your back or knees!

2. A power lift chair can save your back and knees

A power lift chair provides a way to get up and down without having to bend over or strain your back. This can be a big relief for people with chronic pain, nerve damage, or muscle loss.

Traditional chairs require you to bend forward at the waist. When you do this, it puts pressure on the discs in your back, which makes them more susceptible to injury. A power lift chair can alleviate this pain by allowing you to stand up straight and simply push a button or pull a lever on the side of the chair. This is especially beneficial for people who are recovering from surgery or injury as it helps them maintain their independence while they heal.

3. With a power lift chair, you can stay active

There are many medical benefits to using a power lift chair. For example, it can reduce the risk of pressure sores by elevating the person. Additionally, it makes it easier for those with limited mobility to get around while staying active. And if you're not an elderly person, this may be even more beneficial.

Studies have shown that sitting is really bad for our health and actually increases the risk of dying early in life. With a power lift chair, you can stay active without having to worry about getting up and down.

4. Expect smoother mobility

One of the most obvious benefits an electric power lift chair provides is smoother mobility. Getting up and down from a traditional chair requires at least some bending of the knees, which can cause pain and stiffness if you have trouble walking or have had operations on your knees.

The smooth operation provided by these chairs means you don't have to put any pressure on your joints when getting up and sitting down, which can help prevent pain. The design of these chairs helps to reduce pain while providing extra stability during movement.

The chair not only assists with standing but it will also allow seniors with limited mobility to stay upright for long periods of time.

5. You can avoid wheelchairs or scooters

One of the major benefits of a power lift chair is that it can help you avoid wheelchairs or scooters. If your mobility is limited, it can be difficult to get around in a wheelchair or scooter. These chairs are designed to limit the amount of physical activity needed to operate them and reduce strain on the user’s body.

In addition, power lifting chairs allow people with limited mobility to still feel independent and maintain their dignity. With a power lift chair, you don’t need someone else to help you up or down as your power chair can raise and lower without any help at all! This also helps prevent strains on your muscles and joints as you no longer have to rely on other people for assistance.

6. You will enjoy better circulation with a power lift chair

When you sit in a regular chair, your circulation slows down because you are slumped over. This can cause a number of health issues, like high blood pressure and varicose veins. When you sit in a power lift chair, the design helps to keep your circulation going.

This also means that your body doesn’t stay in one position for too long. If you are suffering from conditions like arthritis or other joint problems, this is important for joint health and mobility. Those with chronic pain will also find relief when they use a power lift chair.

7. You'll have improved mental health

The mental benefits of power lift chairs are often understated but they can be significant. If you're suffering from chronic pain or a medical condition that causes nerve or muscle loss, it can be hard to get up and down on your own.

The fact is, most people who use a power lift chair are unable to get out of bed without help. This means that they've had to ask for help many times throughout the day which can lead to frustration and even increased levels of depression.

Bonus: you get a better sense of independence

One of the most important benefits provided by power lift chairs is the sense of independence they can give you. When you are disabled and unable to get up or down on your own, it can be very difficult to maintain your independence. A power lift chair can help you maintain your self-sufficiency without relying on others for assistance.

We all want to be able to do everything we're capable of doing on our own, but when it comes to a chronic illness like arthritis, it might not always be possible. A power lifter chair can give you the independence you need when getting up or sitting down is too difficult.

A power lift chair is designed with a platform that allows you to raise yourself out of your chair with minimal effort while remaining seated comfortably. This allows you to live life at home just like everyone else in your family.

A final word about the benefits of power lift chairs

Power lift chairs are great for people who need help getting up from a seated position and include many benefits like easier transfers and less pressure on joints and muscles.

If you’d like to learn more about power lift chairs, give the HealthQuest office a call today or stop by to visit us in person. We’ve been helping patients get the right power lift chairs for their needs for many years. We’re happy to help you choose the right chair and provide you with friendly, expert service.