What You Need to Know About Power Lift Chairs

What You Need to Know About Power Lift Chairs

16th Sep 2021

While power lift chairs look like your standard recliner, they are actually medical equipment designed for seniors and people with mobility issues. They can be used in an upright or reclining position and assist individuals who have difficulty rising from their seats or sitting down.

Additionally, lift chairs are fitted with a powerful lifting system that can adjust the angle of the base, back, and footrest using a remote.

Lift chairs are also commonly called power lift recliners and pop-up chairs.

What Are the Types of Lift Chairs

The types of lift chairs are primarily determined by the number of their motors, which dictate how many positions these recliners offer. For instance, a single motor chair moves the back and footrest at the same time.

  • Single Motor Lift Chairs
    When you move the back of a single motor lift chair, the footrest also comes up. In contrast, if you move it forward so you can stand, the footrest goes down.

    Lift chairs with a single motor cannot fully recline (just 150 degrees).

  • Double Motor Lift Chairs
    These chairs have a motor that allows the footrest and back to move independently, resulting in more reclining positions for sitting up to watch TV or taking a quick nap. Some designs also have pillow options and powered lumbar for additional comfort.

    Because you can adjust the angle of the back and footrest separately, you can enjoy the Trendelenburg position in which your feet are elevated above your heart. This position has been shown to reduce leg swelling.

    The double motor lifts are sometimes called infinite position chairs because of the infinite number of foot/head position combinations.

  • Triple Motor Lift Chairs
    With three motors, you can independently control the angle of the footrest, back, and even the entire chair. Simply put, these chairs can do everything the double motor version can, plus the Twilight position, which is a “tilt in space.”

Common Features in Lift Chairs.

These are the other common features found in lift chairs.

  • Power Pillow

    Power Pillow is a feature that allows you to adjust the head and neck articulation, giving you a more comfortable reclining position.
  • Power Lumbar

    Power Lumbar gives additional support to the lower back, which relieves pressure from the hips and legs.
  • Cover

    The lift chairs’ cover can range from natural fabric and faux leather to lab-made textile that is resistant to liquid- and oil-based stains.\

    The ideal covering depends on several factors and your preferences. However, you may want to stick to faux leather materials if you’re dealing with incontinence, or soft fabric if you live in a hot region.

People Who Can Benefit from Lift Chairs

If you have difficulty transitioning from a seated position to standing and vice versa, lift chairs are a must-have for your additional independence and safety. They are also ideal if you have mobility issues that having a comfortable and adjustable recliner is a necessity.

The Ideal Design

The right lift chair will depend on multiple factors, such as your height and weight (e.g., petite or heavy-duty) and how frequently you’re going to use it. A good rule of thumb is to choose a seat with sufficient width to accommodate your hips at their widest point.

These are the other factors you should consider:

  • The number of chair positions should meet your needs. For instance, if you’re planning to spend more time on your chair (such as to sleep), choose a design that has a footrest and back that can be adjusted independently.
  • Chair fabric. You can choose from easy-to-wipe faux leather and velvety microfiber to lab-made materials that offer antibacterial protection.
  • Medical condition. If you often experience leg swelling, choose the double or triple motor lift chairs so you can elevate your feet higher than your heart.