Groove Rolling Walker

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Adjust your rolling walker to the perfect height with the The Groove. Choose your seat height to be either 19.5″ or 21.5″, which can accommodate users between 4’10” and 6’1″. Features include 8 inch wheels, an under seat pouch, a large padded seat, locking hand brakes, flip-up back, and the ability to fold the walker easily for transport and storage.

Weight Capacity / Wt Cap:     300 lb
Weight:      16.5 lb
Overall Dimensions (High):      23.5″w x 29.5″d x 38.25″h
Overall Dimensions (Low):      23.5″w x 26.5″d x 30.25″h
Overall Dimensions When Folded:      36″-46″h x 23.5″w x 12.5″-13″d
Wheel Size:      8″
Width Between Handles:      18″
Basket/Bag Dimensions:      14″w x 8.5″d x 6.5″h
Seat Height:      20″ – 22.75″
Seat Dimensions:      13.75″w x 12.5″d
Seat:      padded
Storage:      pouch
Handle Height Adjustment (High):      32.25″ – 38.5″
Handle Height Adjustment (Low):      30.25″ – 36.25″