Heavy Duty Folding Walker

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The adult heavy duty folding walker has a lightweight aluminum frame a two button release for greater security. The walker folds to 4″ in width for easy transport and storage. The tip size for this walker is 40024. Be sure to add walker skis to your walker – every folding walker needs a set of glide skis for smooth gliding.

Weight Capacity / Wt Cap:      500 lb.
HCPCS Code:      E0148
Weight/ Each Weight:      7.8 lb
Overall Dimensions (High):      30″w x 31″d x 39.25″h
Overall Dimensions (Low):      29″w x 19″d x 30.5″h
Height Adjustment:      30.5″ – 39.25″
Width Between Handles:      22″-22.25″
Overall Footprint (High):      30″w x 31″d
Overall Footprint (Low):      29″w x 19″d
Overall Dimensions Folded:      25″-25.25″w x 4.25″d x 31.5″-40.5″h
Tip Size:      11/8″