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The Incrediwear Knee Sleeve is Incrediwear’s most popular product. The Knee Sleeve comes in four sizes and two colors, grey & black, and fit most adults comfortably. Don’t let knee discomfort keep your from staying active. Whether you are pushing your body to the limits or just simply going for a walk to stay active; Incrediwear Knee Sleeves help you feel good and peak performance to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Embrace life beyond traditional compression to Incrediwear that embeds natural elements into the fabric fibers of our products that work with your body to maximize performance and recovery.



Wear as needed for comfort and relief. Incrediwear Active Wear can be worn 24/7. For maximum benefit wear when sleeping. If the Incrediwear Knee Sleeve is sliding down too much on the leg, it is a strong possibility it is wrong size. Incrediwear highly recommends measuring twice and ordering once to make sure you are getting the best possible benefit from the use of our Knee Sleeve.